Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Relase date and cheat codes

destiny 2 Shadowkeep was delayed until October 1. Previously scheduled for release on September 17th, developer Bungie announced on his blog that he would put off this extension so they could work on it a bit more. Although this is disappointing, postponing the release date also ensures that Bungie does not have to compete with their biggest competitor, Borderlands 3. Since both of these games have the same player base, this step will provide enough time between the two games.

This is not all bad news, as Bungie has shown that cross-rescue will happen later this summer. Initially configured to launch with Shadowkeep, this feature will appear sooner than expected. However, it was not known whether this means that Destiny 2 will move on Steam on September 17 as originally planned, or it will also be delayed.

Moments of triumph will be extended until September 17, which will give players an additional 3 weeks to complete these quests. September 17 will also have another week of iron banner, so that users will have more time to look for equipment. Given that the requirements for the various stages of the mission have been adjusted, this should provide an easier way to get all the armor.

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